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PERFORMANCES: Select weekedays at 10:30AM & 11:40AM.  Contact the Museum for dates and locations. 


CAST: Amanda Forman, Jesse Gruberg, Angie Hanson, Federico Mallet, Jasmin Malave, Deanna Schwartz  

MUSIC: Arthur and Leslie Stead

Around the corner from one of the city’s most prestigious theaters lies a small, inauspicious playhouse where during every performance the audiences are on their feet and squealing with delight. And it happens at every show.

During a presentation of “A History of Toys”, a magical and highly interactive play that allows kids to experience the joy of toy play while cleverly instructing them to respect their toys and those of other children. Queen Marlene is the host and master of ceremonies. As founder and curator of the museum, she is the person with the most toys. And the person with the most toys gets to be Queen. 

Joe, an employee of the Toy Museum of NY, and Rainbow Sprinkles, a squeaky voiced child who brings her toy penguin, Polly, to the museum to be repaired, are the main characters who travel through time by way of an old toy trunk that sits center stage. As they pass through the years, they encounter historical celebrity Presidents such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. Each of them introduces a toy from their era and how it references the particular history of each time.

Learning abounds in this fast paced fantasy land. Peppe the pirate, a life sized marionette whom Queen Marlene animates, is admonished by the audience when he can’t resist playing with all the toys he sees around him. As Queen Marlene comes to realize, Peppe never had a toy. And Joe, the museum employee, has not played with a toy since his G.I. Joe days. The Queen fixes a broken doll and gives it to Peppe, who is apologetic and learns to share by handing his toy over to Joe, at the urging of Rainbow Sprinkles.  The show has a happily ever after ending with everyone sharing and becoming friends.

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The Characters


Joe, the Toy Museum janitor, Rainbow Sprinkles, a squeaky voiced child who brings her toy penguin, Polly, to the museum to be repaired, and Peppe the Pirate, a life sized marionette that magically comes to life, are the main characters.

Watch as they travel through time and meet historical celebrity Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt. Each of whom introduces a popular toy during their presidency and how it connects to the particular history of each time period.

We'll Bring the Show to Your Location


We'll bring the entire cast and crew to your location.  Learning abounds in this fast paced fantasy land. Following the rules, taking responsibility, empathy, understanding, and respect towards one another, sharing with others, as well as the power of your imagination are all touched on in our show.

Children are taught the importance of these themes using toys as a doorway to the imagination, because this world is open to everyone, regardless of age. Everyone deserves a toy! Together, will the power of our imaginations be enough to fix Polly the penguin?! Let's find out!